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shanaeblack and whiteLooking at the flourishing online business scenario and increasing need of designer fascinators among local and international customers, your beloved Australian fascinator store, WholeSaleFascinators, has developed a store at eBay Australia. We glad, extremely delighted, and feel proud on the inauguration of our dedicated fascinators store on eBay ­– a completely reimagined, next–generation version of ecommerce store designed to assist anyone to buy fascinators online in few and easy steps. Our fascinator outlet at eBay, Australia, is pumped-up with all the aesthetic values and smart user-interface; making is more competitive and professional. Please visit our eBay store at http://bit.ly/1tCH3mT, and don’t forget to drop your valuable suggestions.

We are Wholesale Fascinators; an Australian owned and operated fascinator and hair accessories store. Fascinators offered at our online store are designed and developed by Australian, having the best understanding of what actually the Australian women want. With years of industry experience, we have fascinators for women in almost every colour, design, shape, and pattern to complement every attire in their wardrobe and occasions in their lives. Whether you are looking to buy fascinators for a wedding party or a social gathering, visit our online store as here you can find fascinators ranging from feathers fascinators to ivory fascinators, netting fascinators, veil fascinators and more.

With an objective to expand the arena of our business, we decided to move forward and established a dedicated fascinators’ store on eBay, Australia. Designer fascinators listed at our eBay store is located in Australia ensuring fast delivery and high-quality products. For our eBay customers, we not only deliver fascinators and hair accessories within the Australian boundaries, but we also ship our sophisticated products to different continents across the earth. We promise to continuously offer high quality products at fantastic prices while staying efficient and courteous with our customer services.

athenablueAt our newly launched store on eBay, we have listed fascinators that are in demand among women in Australia. Fascinators at our store are sure to match your attire, offering new heights to a woman’s normal look. Elegant, prestigious, and feminine are some the most common words that are often used by our customers to define the beauty of fascinators sold at our online store. Over and above, the best feature of fascinators is their sheer versatility, because it can be worn with anything to render a vintage or a modern look.

For more information, please visit our store on eBay, Australia. You can also visit our official website, www.WholeSaleFascinators.net for more information. Visit our online store to buy fascinators for upcoming racing carnivals in Australia.

Full Nagoire QTY 50 - OrangeThe fashion of wearing elegant and gorgeous fascinators among women began centuries ago around 1700. At that point in time, fascinators made from flowers, net, feathers, and other fabrics were used to adorn a hairstyle. After disappearing into oblivion for some time, over the last few years fascinators seem to be making a resurgence into the fashionable world. With the modernization of society, fascinators have undergone a few refreshing changes to tempt the women of the 21st century. It has grown as an admired hair accessory that can compliment any attire and occasion.

In most of the developed nations such as The USA, UK, and Australia, women of all ages love wearing fascinators with a smile on their face. As fascinators are versatile in nature, it is a perfect hair accessory for day-to-day use as well as for special events such as fundraisers, horseracing, weddings, or any other formal events. Fascinators can set the modern woman apart from the others and as such, fascinators are offered in some bright colours so that they can easily match any attire and hairstyle. There are countless online shops, where you can browse and buy fascinators of your choice. These online stores maintain a massive collection of stimulating and refreshing fascinators in vivid colours, including red, blue, white, green, purple, and black at remarkably affordable prices.

In the latest collection, you can find fascinators ranging from romantic to playful and from floral to vintage. These trendy hair accessories offer women with a myriad of choices to play around with and perk up a simple look and transform it into something stunning. When we look at the popularity graph, compared to other varieties of fascinators such as ivory fascinators, veil fascinators, and netting fascinators, feather fascinators are in massive demand.

Feather’s fascinators are the most versatile of headpiece. These sophisticated pieces of hair accessories are so appealing, elegant, and adorable in nature that they are considered as an ideal hair accessory for the most auspicious of occasions like your wedding. As feather’s fascinators are offered in a wide varieties of colours, textures, and sizes, a bride can easily find that perfect piece to complement her wedding dress, hairstyle and other accessories. These fascinators are so handy and easy to carry, they can also be dressed down and worn anytime and anywhere.

As a committed online shop for Fascinators, Hats, Hair Accessories, and Millinery Products in Australia, WholeSaleFascinators demonstrates the most refreshing collection of feather fascinators. Feather fascinators are offered in different colours, textures, and sizes to suit any outfit in a women’s wardrobe. If you are searching for the most versatile and the trendiest collection of feathers fascinators, then WholeSaleFascinators is worth considering. For more information, visit us at: WholeSaleFascinators.net.

Millinery is the innovative art of designing, creating, and selling hats that are creatively designed for women. With a long history, hats have been a part of human civilization, effectively complementing women’s attire and adding that special something to those special events. Initially though, hats were considered as a fashion accessory only for men, like the cowboy’s hat. Then, over time, women also began to follow the trend and they too preferred wearing hats and accessories. In time, women’s hat gained extensive popularity and were very much in fashion until their popularity declined gradually in the mid 1950’s.

silkminirosetreepastellilacDuring the 1960’s, a time when bouffant and voluminous beehive hairstyles became popular, women gradually started ditching hats and as a result, hats were no longer considered as a fashion accessory and were only worn occasionally. Hats became something to be worn out of necessity like on the hottest days of summer to protect against the sun or the coldest days of winter for warmth. They were no longer considered a “must have” fashion accessory. The long-awaited return of hats was came when hats once again joined the league of mainstream fashion accessories in the 1980’s. Women and girls loved wearing hats to complement their skirts, jeans, and dresses. In the ‘80’s, hats made a triumphant return, particularly as a headpiece for a wedding.

MirandablackDuring the 1980’s the trend of wearing Designer and stylish hats made from quality millinery products gained tremendous popularity, especially for weddings. Fabulous and stunning hats became favourites among the women. When women were looking for something to complement their stylish and smart wedding outfits, hats and head pieces flooded the market. Along with hats, fascinators also made their way into women’s wardrobes and soon became one of the highly admired millinery products

Made from high quality millinery supplies product such as wool, fabric and lace to name a few, a fascinator is a fashionable headpiece for a woman that is decorated with flowers, feathers, beads, and diamantes. They are attached to the head with the help of a clip, comb, or a headband. The most impressive feature of fascinators is that they are available in a variety of colours, deigns, sizes, and styles. Today, fascinators are considered the best choice when it comes to women’s fashion accessories for occasions such as weddings, evening parties, the Races and many others elegant events.

With the advancement in the technology, a woman who wants to buy a fascinators of her choice can easily find it with the help of the internet and online stores. WholeSaleFascinators is one online store where you can buy fascinators, hats, hair accessories, and many other millinery products at truly affordable prices. This online store showcase some of the finest fascinators, along with a designer collection of millinery supply products that assists a woman in designing and creating a personalized fascinator of her choice.

We are WholeSaleFascinators, an Australian owned and operated online store where you can browse and buy a seemingly endless collection of fascinators available in attractive styles, sizes, and colours. For those of you who are planning to custom design a fascinator of your own, for you, we have millinery supplies available such as flowers, feathers, clips, beads, hat bases, assorted roses, net, lace, and much, much more. For more information, you can visit our online store www.WholeSaleFascinators.net.

Athena - BlackA fascinator can be the perfect head piece to wear when you are looking for a head ornament to match your attire when attending an upcoming special event.

When you are searching for a head ornament to match your formal attire when attending an upcoming special event, a fascinator could be the perfect head piece to wear. In fact, fascinators are being worn by women as an evening accessory on many various occasions such as weddings, dinners or whenever an occasion requires formal apparel.

They have indeed replaced traditional hats, becoming a modern alternative to hats for women. Being a head piece; a type of millinery, they are created using feathers, laces, and wool with most modern fascinators generally embellished with beads, flowers and feathers. They can be attached to the head with the aid of a comb, clip or headband. As fascinators are seen as being decorative as well as complementing a garment, they are available in different colours, designs, styles and sizes. This is one of the main reasons why fascinators have become so popular and on trend as a head accessory among women to be worn at weddings, social occasions and other such functions. As fascinators are available in an array of styles and designs, they can be worn as a standalone hair accessory replacing hats. Many fashion enthusiasts are fond of wearing fascinators as a fashion accessory, especially during summer because they are lightweight, manageable and are held securely in place.

Fascinators certainly provide you with a great functional head accessory with numerous advantages. Its compact yet attractive design is especially suited to people with a small frame, but as they are available in such various sizes and fine or rich decoration, there is a style to suit everyone and every occasion. Some of the other notable benefits also include:

  • Provides a glamorous head ornament for numerous occasions such as weddings, evening parties or other events.

  • The perfect head accessory to complement your formal wedding attire.

  • It also works as a great hat styling accessory. By combining it with your old or new hat it can give a new stylish look.

  • Easy to wear and more delicate and lightweight than hats, fascinators don’t leave your hairstyle looking flat.

  • Fastening fascinators on your hair is a very easy task; one just needs a simple clip, a comb or a headband and it just slips into your hair.

So if you are after a perfect head accessory that will match your formal attire for an upcoming special event, then fascinators are ideal.

Women in every part of the world love to beautify themselves. Along with fashionable clothing, they also love wearing designer hair accessories when attending that special social or professional event. Compared to other hair accessories, fascinators, especially feathers fascinators, have emerged as the number-one choice among Australian women when choosing a hair accessory. Absolutely attractive in every conceivable way, feathers fascinators are just the right hair accessory that can be worn on different occasions such as evening parties, horse racing events, weddings, and many more.

A feather fascinator has the tendency to make any outfit look stunning, offering new heights to a woman’s normal look. A big hit among women, feathers fascinators always create a glamorous and feminine look. While a beautiful dress will make a woman appear pretty, the simple addition of an elegant feather fascinator can make her look stunning. With this change in style, the craze of wearing feathers fascinators instead of large, bulky hats has gained huge popularity in Australia.

Polished, attractive, feminine, elegant, and sensual are some of the most common words that are often used to describe the beauty of feather fascinators. Perhaps one of the best features of this style of fascinator is its sheer versatility, as feather fascinators can be used to create a vintage look, a romantic look or a totally modern look, but always fashionable. These fascinators have the potential to inject instant style that beautifully complements a wide variety of hair lengths and styles.

As the best alternative to bulky hats, feathers fascinators are a stylish headgear and a piece of millinery that is made with the help of feathers, beads, laces, assorted flowers, etc. They are meant to be an ideal match for a woman’s formal outfit, especially for weddings and evening parties. If you are planning to purchase a feather fascinator, then you can easily find it in any online store like WholeSaleFascinators.net.

Estelle - BlackAt WholeSaleFascinators, we take tremendous care when designing feathers fascinators to ensure they appear styled and structured. We are an Australia based company that sells different types of fascinators, including feathers fascinators, ivory fascinators, netting fascinators, fascinators with veils, and many more. At our online store, we have exclusive feathers fascinators in different styles, colours, and patterns made from quality material to stand the test of time and to make to the next event. Especially for Australian women, we have feathers fascinators in different sizes so you can choose the one that is tantalising and will give you that “WOW” factor.

Along with fascinators, hair accessories, and millinery products, we also offer readymade wedding fascinator kits that provide a bride with everything she needs to design her own personalized and unique fascinator. For more information, or to buy feathers fascinators in any style, bright colours, and unique textures, feel free to browse our collection at http://www.wholesalefascinators.net/

pinssfo000601A Bride’s wedding day is the biggest day of any woman’s life, and every bride loves to look special. Along with her wedding dress, she wants to wear something special to set her apart from the bridesmaids and other guests. Often, a beautiful hairdo does the trick for a bride; but, combining a fascinator with something like a veil, or feathers fascinator could turn a woman from an anybody donning a graceful dress into a graceful, elegant and beautiful bride.

There is a wide variety of hair accessories for women to choose from. Depending upon her preferences, a bride can try a range of hair accessories, including a bridal comb, veil, feathers fascinators, netting fascinators, or anything else that can inject instant sparkle to her appearance. As a tip, a bride should choose something that is a bit different, for example, a sparkling bridal hairpin with pearls and diamantes that match the bride’s wedding dress.

Generally, veils are standard bridal wear, and they customarily signify innocence and purity. They are worn by pinning them onto the rear section of the wedding hairdo, and then folded over the face. Some veils available in the market are short and they just reach the lips whereas others are long enough to cover the complete face and neck. The veil is a multipurpose hair accessory that can be worn with a fascinator, flowers, and hairpins. However, the only point to consider when buying a veil is to make sure that the colour and pattern go with your wedding dress.

If a veil doesn’t take your fancy, perhaps a bridal comb may be an option for you. A bridal comb can truly make you feel and look amazing. Normally, decorated with diamantes and gems, they are both simple and stylish at the same time. They can be effortlessly integrated into your wedding hairdo with a slide, and can just as easily be removed without disturbing your hairdo.

Fascinators are one of the most admired hair accessories among women. They are usually attached to a headband or comb. They are the ideal hair accessories for almost every celebration in a woman’s life because they inject instant glamour. If you are living in Australia, then you can easily find an exclusive range of fascinators, which can be as extravagant or as simple as you would like them to be. There are plenty of online stores, providing a wide variety of fascinators like feathers fascinators, netting fascinators, fascinators with veil, ivory fascinators, and many more. Nowadays, fascinators with gems, pearls, and diamantes are also in trend.

A Bride’s wedding day is the biggest day of her life and a wisely chosen hair accessory that adds glamour to her overall appearance and attire can and does, make all the difference. After confirming a hair accessory, discuss it with your hair stylist so he or she can plan a matching hairdo that is ideal for the headpiece. A beautiful wedding hair accessory or fascinator can really complement your wedding dress and can really set you apart from the rest of the bridal party.

For more information, or to buy hair accessories and fascinators in Australia, please visit wholesalefascinators.net. WholeSaleFascinators offer a wide selection of fascinators, hair accessories, and other millinery products for brides, bridal parties, and for every occasion in a woman’s life.

Alissa - GreenIn Australia and England, Fascinators are hitting a trend at weddings. Along with the bride, guests at the wedding ceremony are wearing fabulous fascinators complementing their dresses and other accessories. If we talk about the bride, she should choose a fascinator to complement the colour and the cut of her gown so that her choices are memorable for all the right reasons. Depending upon her personal preferences, a bride can choose different types of fascinators available in the Australian market, including a fascinator with a veil, fascinators with netting, feather fascinators, ivory fascinators, etc.

As a reputed online store for fascinators in Australia, WholeSaleFascinators would love to share some tips like how to keep your fascinator on for a start, especially when it’s windy. WholeSaleFascinators create its own fascinator designs for brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and wedding guests, so there’s much that we know and can share about making the ladies look fabulous.

Top Tips for Wearing Fascinators

  1. Remember, there are fascinators for every woman no matter what your tastes, whether you are searching to make a statement or add a touch of glamour to your outfit. Therefore, if you think a fascinator complement your dress, chances are that you possibly just haven’t tried the right style for you.

  2. Fascinators are light in weight; therefore, they can be worn for the entire day without worrying about anything else. A designer fascinator looks great both at the service and at an evening reception.

  3. Fascinators in Australia are available in different varieties, including feather fascinators, fascinator with netting, fascinators with veil, and much more, offering a huge selection to choose from.

  4. Buy a fascinator that charms your outfit, or select one in different shades to highlight the changing tones of your dress.

  5. Normally, fascinators are worn to one side – if you are wearing a hair style with a part, then wear your fascinator there.

  6. If you have short hair, wearing a fascinator attached to a hair band is the easiest option.

  7. If you are fitting a fascinator with a comb attached, then decide where you want the headpiece placed. If your hair is thick, slide the comb backwards through your hair about an inch (in the opposite direction to the way your hair falls), clutching a fascinator at a slight angle to feel the teeth against your scalp. Then tip the comb, place the fascinator on your head and push down in the direction your hair falls. The fascinator will then grip.

  8. If your have finer hair, then take a small amount of hair, comb in the opposite direction to the way your hair falls and grip it with a hairpin. You then have a sound base in which to slide and attach the fascinator.

  9. For extra security, backcomb a section of hair before gripping and then spray with a small amount of hairspray before fitting the headpiece.

  10. The rule of thumb with fitting combs is to slide them back onto themselves in order to secure a better grip.

  11. Wash your hair a day before you intend to wear your fascinator, as this helps to keep it in place.

  12. Remember, when purchasing a fascinator don’t forget to take your hair colour into consideration. Red hair looks great with natural and earth tones like brown, beiges, camel, dark and olive green. Whereas, blonde hair should be paired with light warm colours like coral, turquoise, beige, and neutral navy. For brown hair, go with bright and deep shades. You can also choose purple, hot pink, bright blue, emerald and neutral navy or black.

The hottest and latest designer collections of wedding fascinators at WholeSaleFascinators are set to trend in Australia and it’s also starting to spread abroad. Different varieties of fascinators offered at WholeSaleFascinators are designed and made right here in Australia.

If you are looking for a fascinator with a NEXT day delivery in Australia, then visit our official website www.wholesalefascinators.net – we guarantee to deliver your bought product to your doorstep within 24 hours. Please call our team on 0417-152-255 (Australia) for details on the range of styles in popular colours that are available for immediate delivery.

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